Teacher Appreciation Day – Ms Turnbull (Alison)

This Teacher Appreciation Day, we are sharing a message from Ms Turnbull (Alison), who taught at GIS from 1995-2000


I worked at GIS teaching Business and Economics for 5 years, and have many happy memories!  It was definitely one of my favourite times in my career. The year I started with Joseph Eales as Principal we were still in Cheras, and later that year moved to the school’s current site in Mont Kiara.  It was a very exciting time to be part of GIS history. At that time, the new site was still surrounded by jungle and we could see monkeys playing outside the classrooms!


I strongly remember the great sense of community and family at GIS.  International Day was always a highlight, and of course the pot-luck days and amazing food!  I remember working for hours on the yearbook, cutting up pictures and sticking the articles together – all done by hand in those days. I would like to particularly thank Mrs Thiaga, Mrs Lim and Mrs Lopez as they were always very kind, and of course Magne Chin, for whom nothing was too much trouble.


During my time at GIS, I actually met my husband Mark Hunter, who taught Biology there!  I worked with so many amazing people and students – too many to name, but I am still in contact with many of them. Some are still in Malaysia, and many others are working in different countries all over the world. This is one of the exciting things about working overseas, especially in international schools: you meet so many wonderful people, from so many different walks of life who enrich your life.  


Since leaving GIS in 2000, I have worked in the UK, Qatar, Dubai and now Thailand, with a plan to return to the UK permanently this July. I now work as a school counsellor! I have 2 children, who are currently doing their A Levels and GCSEs.

To quote Einstein: ‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new’. Don’t be afraid to think big, take risks and be kind!  Failure is part of success: don’t be afraid to fail – then aim to move forward and do something about it. You are always good enough,  and don’t allow anyone else to make you feel any differently.