Zaid Haque, Class of 2007

Current profession: Senior Program Manager at
University attended: Weill Medical College of Cornell University – Degree Premedical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University – BSc Information Systems, Cornell University – MSc Connective Media

What is your best memory of GIS?
I remember when we were in primary school and used to play in the basketball court outside the canteen before lunch. British Bulldog and Pepsi-cola were the only ones I remember now, but there were so many more back then! I even remember trading Pokemon cards and playing with yo-yos, and Rubber fighting! I felt like kids at GIS were very creative in finding ways to stay entertained over lunch break. Although one of the things I miss most is having one ringgit Roti Canai in the canteen – I’ve never had that again since I left KL!

What inspires you in life?
Passion. I think people’s passion for their own work is what makes them the leaders in their field. All the people I’ve looked up to were so passionate about what they did that they put in everything they had to make a difference in their field. Those are the people that inspire me. I find my passion in using my design skills to improve the lives of people at scale – and hope to do that with whatever field I’m in.

Describe GIS in three words.
Best years ever!

Describe your dream life.
That’s a tough question. I’m the kind of person who really has no clue where I would be next year in my life, let alone years into the future. With that in mind, I think one of the most important things for my dream life would be not living a life of luxury, but a life of doing what I love. What I love keeps changing, but the common element has always been a fast-paced environment – and living in the technology realm since graduation has definitely provided that to me.