Sharmel Jehangir Ali, Class of 1994

Current Profession: Head of Corporate Sustainability (Corporate Planning) at MISC Berhad
University and course attended: Imperial College London; Environmental Technology (Business & Sustainability option)

What’s your best memory of GIS?
The camaraderie and relationship between my peers and teachers alike. The happy and motivating environment that came about naturally, which ironically actually made you look forward going to school.

What inspires you?
Contributing towards a sustainable planet for the generations to follow, however small the contribution may be. Every little counts!

Describe GIS in 3 words
Happy, exciting and wholesome

How did GIS shape who you are today?
The diversity among students, subjects, interactions provided for a more wholesome education experience which certainly contributed towards my broader appreciation of the world and the attainment of ‘outside the box’ perspectives.