Dr Jiang An Lim, Class of 2016

Current Profession: Academic FY1 Doctor

University Attended: University of Cambridge


Dr Jiang An Lim is an incoming London Academic Foundation Programme doctor at Barts Health NHS Trust. He recently graduated from the University of Cambridge as a Sowton Scholar of Corpus Christi College and is the outgoing president of the Cambridge University Surgical Society. 


Jiang An, please tell us more about why you decided to pursue a degree in Medicine?

I have always had a natural affinity towards helping people and really enjoy problem solving, so when the time came to decide on a course, I realised that medicine was something that I wanted to pursue.



What was your overall GIS experience like? 

I really enjoyed my time in GIS: I was given many opportunities to grow and develop as a person in terms of the leadership roles, as well as intellectually stimulating conversations I had with both teachers and peers.


Do you have any general fond GIS memories you’d like to share?

Representing GIS at international level for both academic (World Scholars Cup, SEAMC) as well as sports competitions (Dragons) was always great fun as we got to meet like minded people from other international schools all around the globe.



What person, course, or experience most influenced you while at GIS?

I actually had two really amazing mentors: Dr Browning and Mr Donaldson. They were a real inspiration to me, incredibly supportive during my medical school applications and really pushed me to my academic limits.


What is the most important thing you learned while you were at GIS?

The most important thing that I learnt at GIS, which I still carry to this day, is to always believe in your own abilities and work at a pace which is just right for you.


Describe GIS in three words

Platform for Success



How did your education at GIS prepare you for what you are doing today? *

My education at GIS instilled academic rigour in me,  as well as perseverance and discipline. This is important for an academic doctor who has to balance both academic output as well as clinical responsibilities, especially with the current pressure of the NHS.


What advice would you give current students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?  

Really think hard and talk to seniors in the years above you who have either just applied or have started medical school and find out from them if this is really something that you are willing to commit your whole life to. My perception of studying medicine has definitely changed since the time I first applied compared to graduating as a doctor, so definitely reach out to as many people as possible to ask them about their views.


Thank you, Jiang An Lim, for taking the time and sharing your experiences with us.

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