Craig Nathaniel Morraies, Class of 2005

Current Profession: Operation Manager at Zouk
University Attended: Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College – Bachelor of Arts (BA), International Football Management

Craig, what job are you doing now?
Currently, I’m the operations manager at Zouk. I have around 20 staff working under me in various departments. My job entails managing these staff and ensuring that the outlet is operating efficiently in terms of service and entertainment. Whenever problems occur, it’s up to me to resolve them in a manner which satisfies the customer as well as the club. The most important thing for me is to make sure everyone is having a good time!

What inspires you?
Right now, it’s the ambition to be successful. Everyone has a different plan in life, but ultimately I believe we all want the same goal – to be successful. That success can be in any field – your job, a new business, a relationship, as a parent, or even daily tasks! There has to be a motivation to get out of the bed in the morning, and do what you do.

Describe GIS in 3 words.
Fun, Beneficial (obviously), Tough!

How did GIS shape who you are today?
GIS definitely played a crucial part in making me the man I am today. I was at GIS during my formative years – from 7-16 years old. Those years, I believe, are some of the most crucial as a person: they lay the foundation for who you will become as an adult.
The quality of education given to me by the school was outstanding – not only academically, but in terms of offering leadership opportunities. Being a prefect, you were given quite a lot of responsibility, and doing that early on stood you in good stead for the future.

What was your favourite subject in school?
Without a doubt, it was PE! I’m very sports orientated, and if I remember correctly, we had PE twice a week, which was far too little for my liking. I ended up doing PE at IGCSE, A-Level and eventually studied a sports degree at university too. I’m still very involved with sports, both socially and also workwise.

What’s your best memory of GIS?
My best memory of GIS were the friends that I made there. Being at GIS from the age of 7, I ended up graduating with a lot of them at Year 11. I’m still very close to a lot of the students from my year, and also the friends that I made in other years. It’s something that you just can’t put a price on, and through those friendships, many great memories were created along the way.