Amira Haida Jafri, Class of 2014

Current Profession:  Legal Associate at Kadir Andri & Partners

University Attended: Bachelor of Laws (LLB) , The University of Manchester


Amira, what job are you doing now? 

I am a Legal Associate at Kadir Andri & Partners. I was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya earlier this year, after completing my 9-month pupillage at another firm, and attaining the Certificate in Legal Practice in 2018. 


What’s your best memory of GIS? 

I had a great time during the Discovery Weeks. They were always memorable because not only did we get the chance to bond with our classmates in a different setting, but we did it while making an impact on the environment or on other people. I also loved participating in the House events, such as Eisteddfod. I remember the house spirit being so strong; the sense of joy we felt when our hard work paid off, and the camaraderie we developed amongst our house members. GIS’ great facilities, such as the studios we could practice our dancing in, made things much more fun. 


What inspires you? 

The idea of being an independent and successful individual. 


Describe GIS in 3 words… 

Excellence, Nurturing and Encouraging.


How did GIS shape who you are today?

I recall that my teachers were all so supportive and nurturing, and they were undoubtedly a big influence on my IGCSE achievements. For instance, when I needed a little extra support in the lead-up to the IGCSE exams, one of my teachers allowed me to come in to her class after the school day was over, and helped me with additional work. 


The learning environment at GIS and the emphasis on critical thinking and analysis definitely shaped the way I think. I developed my love for the English Literature and History subjects while at GIS, thanks to my wonderful teachers, and continued to take these subjects at A-Level. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures while at GIS made the transition into university life in a foreign country much easier. 


Do you have any messages for current GIS students?

Take advantage of all the resources that GIS has to offer! Join extra-curricular activities and take up leadership positions. Not every school has the opportunities, resources or facilities that GIS has to offer, so make sure you make the most of them!