Aarushi Menon, Class of 2020

Aarushi Menon, Class of 2020

University attended: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Graphic Design, Savannah College of Art and Design

Current profession: Junior Designer at Penguin Random House


Congratulations to Aarushi Menon, Class of ‘20, who started her career as a full-time junior designer with Penguin Random House in April 2024. Aarushi previously worked with the company as a freelance graphic designer from July 2023 before being offered a permanent position. In her role, Aarushi applies her expertise in technical graphic design to create captivating book covers for imprints such as Del Rey, Ballantine, and The Dial Press.

Among her notable projects is a bid campaign for the Summer 2032 Olympics, a joint effort with Shanghai and Hangzhou. Aarushi designed a combination mark and its various applications, earning her the American Graphic Design Award from GDUSA Magazine in their 59th Design Showcase. Another significant project is “Dreamlike Sleep Tonics,” where Aarushi developed packaging for “Dreamlike,” an imaginative non-alcoholic sleep tonic. Her design was featured in 2023’s Student Week Showcase on The Dieline for successfully capturing the essence of the product.


Join us in celebrating Aarushi’s journey from GIS alumnus to a junior designer at one of the world’s leading publishing houses.


Tell us more about your career, or what are you currently up to, describe your experience abroad to us as it will be super insightful for our students looking to pursue a similar pathway!

I currently work as a junior designer at Penguin Random House, where I design book covers for imprints like Del Rey, Ballantine, and The Dial Press. My job requires a strong understanding of typography, composition, and colour theory, which I studied in-depth during my Graphic Design course at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). What was helpful to me about studying abroad at the SCAD campus was having access to equipment like laser cutters, photo studios, and flatbed printing. I was able to create physical prototypes of my work, which really fostered my appreciation for print design and led me to the career I’m in today. I also loved meeting people with similar interests to me, and I learned a lot from being around other creatives.

What role did extracurricular activities or special programmes play in your overall experience at GIS?

One CCA I often participated in was Reach Out. I loved planning activities for the visiting groups of children, and tried to incorporate my love of art into them as often as possible. For example, I remember running a session where we made potato stamps and everyone got to create their own art prints. I also participated in the school plays, mostly working backstage to design props and posters, which I found really enjoyable. These were really great opportunities to meet people and teachers from other year groups, as well as to explore my creativity outside of an academic setting.

Share your time at GIS, any fond memories? Feel free to mention friends and teachers names!

I studied at GIS from Year 4 all the way until graduation, so I have a lot of fond memories of the school. I remember going to (as well as running) Mufti Day stalls with my friends, spending tutor times preparing for Eisteddfod, and going water-rafting at camps. In secondary school, I got to go on a trip to Langkawi with the other students in my IGCSE Geography course, and in sixth form, I travelled to Penang with my A-Level art class. I also have fond memories of my daily life at school; I used to spend hours in the libraries through break times and free periods, studying or reading alongside my friends.

How did GIS shape you to become who you are today?

My time at GIS had a significant impact on my personal growth and development and I’ve always been grateful for the diverse educational opportunities that were available to me, including extracurricular opportunities and guest speakers who came to visit and share their unique perspectives. Not only was I able to develop my knowledge and subject-specific skills, but I also developed critical thinking skills and analysis abilities, my empathy, and compassion. I met peers from all over the world and expanded my cultural horizons, which helped me greatly when I moved overseas for university.

What would be your best advice to current students who will be graduating soon?

Embrace new experiences! Even if they initially feel daunting or scary. Whether you plan to pursue higher education, take a gap year, or start work right away, it’s important to put yourself out there and make the most of the opportunities available to you. This could include taking a higher-level class, signing up for a competition in your field, or any other relevant experience that can help make you a more well-rounded individual.


A huge ‘Thank You’ to these inspiring Alumni, who generously shared their time and experiences with our students, despite their busy daily schedules.

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