A Malaysian Artist Under Lockdown in Italy!

Alumna Rebecca Wilkinson shared her diary during her Covid pandemic where she was not able to come back and was under lockdown in Italy – https://bit.ly/30nrfLC


“Each day, I note with relief and a subdued happiness that the number of deaths are coming down quite significantly in Italy, and that the numbers are staying low in Malaysia as well. I feel the same weariness I see on Malaysia’s impressive Director-General of Health Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham during his live announcements, and I start to wonder when I will be able to return to Malaysia. It’s still a little unclear, but time will tell though as the unlocking begins one step at a time.”


My Garden School days are soaked in nostalgia & the memories of being in the old bungalows in KL. Jalan Kia Peng especially, because when my husband & started our design company after I got back from Parsons in New York, our first office was back in that building, as a tenant of BonTon. I’m now based in my studios between Penang & Piemonte, Italy where I work full time on my artwork. 


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