Congratulations to our Alumna Artist, Sabrina Brouwers!

We are delighted to share that Alumna Sabrina Brouwers has been selected to showcase her graduate artwork at the Falmouth Fine Art show in London later this month.


Sabrina, from the GIS Class of 2016, completed a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth University, UK. In September she will embark on a Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design at the University of Arts (London).


Sabrina, please tell us more about the showcase that you are participating in!

A handful of artists and myself have recently been selected to showcase our graduate work in London, as a representation of the BA Fine Art course at Falmouth University. The 15 graduates were selected by art critic and Turner Prize judge Sacha Craddock and artist Jesse Leroy-Smith. The exhibition will take place at the end of the month, at the Assembly Point Gallery in London.


Sabrina, can you tell us how GIS prepared you for life after graduation?

A large fraction of my younger years were spent at GIS, and I hold these experiences very close to my heart. My engagement in school activities such as Athletics, the International Award and being a prefect taught me how to make the most of every opportunity and explore boundaries beyond my comfort zone! I now see that this confidence instilled by the unique and international environment of GIS helped me to not doubt myself, and always strive for what I believe is the best.


Do you have any favourite memories from your GIS days? Would you like to thank anybody from your time at GIS?

It would be impossible to pinpoint a single memory at GIS, as I view my entire time at the school as a large chapter of my life that really helped shape who I am today. If I were to thank someone at GIS, it would have to be my art teacher Mr Bannister, who helped me to discover my passion for art and design.



We are truly proud of Sabrina and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. If you’d like to view Sabrina’s artwork, please visit the link below:

You may also find the flyer for the event in London below: