Alumni Simon Mo – Clothes are the Spirit of Fashion!

Our Alumni are creating waves across many fields, but today we reconnect with Simon Mo (Class ‘07), a fashion designer whose contemporary label has recently been shown at London Fashion Week. 

After GIS, Simon studied Fashion Design in Womenswear at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, where fellow alumni include Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. He talks to us about his journey post- GIS, what he feels he gained from his experience with us, as well as offering some advice to current students who may be interested in following in his footsteps.


Simon, could you please share your journey as a fashion designer? 

It is a tough journey to be honest, not as glamorous or cool as you may think. When I was a fashion student, I remembered our workload was about three times more than other design pathway students. You need to draw and develop a lot of designs! 

I was lucky to have the chance to intern for big design houses and designers both in England and Shanghai, Alexander McQueen for example. These experiences really broadened my knowledge of the industry, and the sheer hard work it takes to be successful!


What do you remember from GIS?

I do miss GIS student life so much- the school gave us so much support! I would say my best memories were in sixth form when everyone was preparing for university, full of dreams and ambitions! I miss the tutors so much too!


Who or what inspired you to choose this career? 

My mother influenced me the most- she always encouraged me to draw when I was little, and she still has all of my drawing, from when I was aged 3! There were lots of figure drawings, so I guess it just happened very naturally when I needed to find a design pathway that linked to figurative art. That’s what led me to fashion design!

For me, fashion is not about just dressing up nicely; it’s about creating a wearable creation and somehow ensuring it’s still practical to wear. It’s a life long career which will always require me to be learning! From traditional skills to new things done with technology, I don’t think I will never get bored by it!


What advice would you give to GIS students who are interested in similar career choices?

The first thing you have to consider is how much passion you have, and how much you can contribute to work in the design industry. It’s not a 9-5 job, so you really have to ask yourself if you do have something you want to create and to show. It’s not easy, so you have to really have the passion and determination to succeed!

 You can view Simon Mo’s current collection here, or follow him via Instagram.

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