Malaysia’s Women Leaders of 2019 Award from CMO Asia!

Here at the GIS Alumni Relations Office, we are truly proud of our Alumni Jayne Louise Kennedy (Class of 2006)!

Jayne is the co-founder of EPIC DNA, a multiple award winning social enterprise that aims to make collaborative social impact accessible by empowering individuals to transform communities and environments around them. Recently, she received a CMO Asia Award for being one of ‘Malaysia’s Women Leaders of 2019’. Let’s find out more!


More about Jayne’s Work

Armed with an interest in personal development and social impact, Jayne has spent the last 8 years focusing projects that bring people together for individual and community transformation namely through their flagship initiative Epic Homes, mobilising trained volunteers to build with marginalised communities. She has worked closely with over 50 corporations to realise their CSR and team building efforts and has grown their tribe of volunteers to 5000 contributors.

Epic’s work revolves around people: bringing forward the strengths of their communities while facilitating opportunities for them to shape the places and spaces around them. Jayne continues to have a growing sense of responsibility to towards the people and communities she works, built on a belief that if everyone is able to be their best self, it would fundamentally change the way people cooperate and collaborate.

As well as winning this recent accolade, Jayne has also been a recipient of several other accolades, including: Women Icons Malaysia 2017, The Edge Inspiring Young Leaders Award 2017 & inclusion in the Gen T. List of influencers for 2018.


Jayne, could you please tell us more about CMO Asia’s Malaysia’s Women Leaders award?

This award celebrates women leaders and achievers in organisations that believe in producing leaders of change in Asia, specifically Malaysia. CMO Asia is dedicated to providing access to high level knowledge-exchange through leadership & networking amongst senior decision makers across industry segments.


What was your response to winning the award?

I am grateful for the award as it provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight the work done by my team at EPIC, and for the platform to enhance women’s visibility at the workplace. I may be holding an award, but really I’m holding onto the responsibility of being accountable, authentic and dedicated towards those I work with, and for.


What do you remember most about GIS?

Looking back from where I am now, I recognise all of the teachers’ efforts in making school a safe and fun learning environment. I wish I had the opportunity to thank them all in person – I recall how much time and care they put into their work!


What would be your advice for current students at GIS who would like to pursue a similar dream like you?

Explore as many avenues as you can to get a feel for what interests you and where your strengths might best be suited. Embrace the journey and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you: the people who help you make positive choices will positively impact the outcome of your life tomorrow!

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.”

― Alice Walker