Alumna Sabrina Brouwers’ Art Showcased at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London!

The Royal Academy of the Arts Summer Exhibition in London is the world’s oldest open submission exhibition (it began in 1769!), displaying works in a variety of mediums and genres by emerging and established artists. In recent years, the exhibition has featured new works by artists from David Hockney RA to Tracey Emin

We were thrilled to hear that GIS Alumni Sabrina Brouwers from Class of ‘16 will showcase her painting of ‘Crop Marks’ at this prestigious exhibition this summer.


Sabrina, tell us more about this exhibition?

The RA Summer exhibition will be open for a running of 2 months, until the 21st of August. It is a labyrinth of breathtaking and thought provoking artwork, all responding to the year’s theme of climate. 

The work I am showing at the exhibition is a response to our landscape, and our interactions with the man-made and natural environment. The abstract study of our physical surroundings results in a non objective composition where I use elementary architectural forms to explore the psychological effects of simplicity. 


What would be your advice to our current students who may follow in your footsteps?

My biggest piece of advice would be to be inquisitive to learn something new from everyone you ever meet. I have learned that your everyday encounters are your best teachers. Everyone has different experiences, and different paths of life that can spark your next big inspiration. 



Calling all alumni in London: do check out Sabrina’s art work at The Royal Academy of the Arts in London. 

Find more information at ​​ or Sabrina can be contacted at 

A huge ‘Thank You’ to Sabrina for sharing her inspiring work with us. We look forward to learning more about your work in the future!

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