Alumna Kasumi Higewake’s essay was categorised as a winning essay

Kasumi Higewake (Class of 2015)

Bachelor of Social Work III at the University of Sydney

We would like to share another success story of our Alumni who has recently written an essay on “How Mobile Technology Will Change Retail in 5 years”. Alumna Kasumi Higewake’s essay  was categorised as a winning essay and chosen from 50 entries submitted for consideration in the Iflexion Scholarship Program 2017.

Currently Kasumi is a 3rd-year undergraduate Social Work student at The University of Sydney. She’s passionate about technology and social media, and is particularly drawn to how technology can transform traditional everyday lifestyles, and as an extension of that, her essay recognizes ways in which technology will continue transforming the retail industry. She hopes this will be a good start in researching and understanding how technology can transform the social work industry and practice, and apply it to her degree.

We at the GIS Alumni Community are truly proud of Kasumi’s achievements and wish her all the best in her thriving and inspirational journey.

Please click here for Kasumi’s full essay.

A few words from Kasumi about being a student at GIS and how her time at the school contributed to her success today:

My achievements really reflect the strong educational support from GIS that I have been lucky enough to receive from a young age. GIS has taught me more than just regurgitating literature and memorizing facts. An essay piece, such as one for this scholarship, requires skills to coherently describe new ideas. Apart from just being fluent, it requires thinking from several perspectives and constructing new critiques to fill a gap in literature. The education GIS provides is clearly more than just classroom learning and has prepared me to meet real world expectations beyond scoring grades for a structured exam.