GIS Alumni Branching out to New Pastures – Angel Chew Win Kay

Angel Chew Win Kay (Class of 2018)

GIS Student Leader and Head Student (2016/2017)

Foundation in Art and Design at Loughborough University


Hi Angel! Can you share with us your experiences at university so far?

My first week at Loughborough University was all I could’ve ever imagined. During freshers’ week, I was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions : excited and nervous, happy and sad. But most of all, I was just eager to experience something so different from what was familiar to me by starting a journey towards adulthood in a new country, with new friends and a new environment.  


As a sociable person, I really enjoyed the numerous social events such as the society and sports bazaar evenings, freshers’ ball, and initiation activities. It made me feel so excited for my university life ahead!   The students I have met along the way have all been very enthusiastic and friendly, as well as passionate and driven about the courses that they have chosen to read – I find that really inspiring.


As Loughborough is a sporting university, this has motivated me to start living a healthier lifestyle and continue both Touch Rugby and Netball which I started at GIS.

In my Art and Design course, everyone shares similar interests, hobbies, and pastimes – sharing and discussing the artists that have influenced and inspired us the most is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Although I found it quite challenging to balance both work and life in general, I’m slowly getting better at it and coming to grips with ‘adulting’!


How did GIS prepare you for University life?

GIS prepared me for University life in so many ways. The endless opportunities and huge array of co-curricular activities really honed both my research and public speaking skills, helping me now to speak eloquently and confidently about my work processes, contextual references, critics and research projects at University. As well as this, studying the EPQ really gave me a headstart in crucial skills such as research, analysing resources, and evaluating information, which has already come in handy during the lectures and research modules in my course.


Finally, being a part of the Dragon’s sports teams and taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh  International Award helped me become a self-driven and motivated individual. Juggling these opportunities alongside my studies helped me develop my organisation skills and ability to meet deadlines – definitely a very important skill set to have in University!