‘Curves Malaysia’ Virtual Workouts by Alumna Alison Chin!

‘Curves Malaysia’ is well known by everyone as one of the best Women-only fitness studios in Malaysia. The CEO is none other than our GIS Alumna, Alison Chin from Class of 1998. At Curves Malaysia, they offer a 30-minute total body workout that is suitable for ladies from all fitness backgrounds and ages. Our CurvesSmart technology is able to give moment by moment feedback, monitor progress and give reports on calories burned and workout trends. Curves Malaysia helps women gain strength and confidence, in a safe community of sisterhood. 


Alison, please share with us more on the new ‘Virtual Workouts’ by Curves Malaysia.

When the MCO was announced, we sprang into action and created a 14 day home workout plan, which you can find on our Curves Malaysia Instagram and Facebook. These workouts combine simple and easy movements which you can do from the comfort of your home.


With the MCO being extended by 2 weeks, we decided to launch Curves Virtual Workouts on 1st April 2020. The response has been great, we have had over 300 ladies join us, with more and more joining each day! Curves Virtual Workouts are held Monday to Saturday, you can check out the class times on Facebook. All ladies in the GIS community are most welcomed to join in, all you need to do is visit their social media page and DM them to join any of these classes.


We are living in uncertain times, but staying focused on our mission of ‘Strengthening Women’ and living with gratitude every day helps keep us calm and grounded. So we are taking this time during the MCO to challenge ourselves to reimagine our way of working, reimagine the value we bring to our members, and to enjoy precious time with family. 


Wishing everyone safety and health!