Celebrating World Nurses Day with Alumna Carin Silvia Wirth!

In recognition of World Nurses Day (Tuesday 12th March) we caught up with Alumna Carin Silvia Wirth (Class of 1974) to find out more about her career journey and celebrate her role as nurse. Carin currently works as a Head Nurse at St. Franziskus Nursing Home for elderly people in Pfaffenhofen, a town in Bavaria, Germany. Carin specialises in geriatric psychiatry, palliative and hospice care, as well as specialist pain care assistance. 


Carin, could you please share your journey after GIS?

I studied at GIS between 1972 and 1974, I was 7-9 years old. In 1974 my family and I had to move to Jakarta, Indonesia, due to my father’s work. There I went to a German school, which was a whole new experience for me (no uniforms, hair worn loose!). In 1978, we then moved to Germany where I eventually graduated school in 1985. First I wanted to be a stewardess. I passed all the tests, but I was 1.5 cm too short so they didn’t take me and I didn’t want to work as an operator on the ground. So I went to drama school and became an actress and went on to act in a German television series and in several stage performances. 


I stopped acting in 1992 after getting married and having my daughter. After this I tried out a few different jobs, but I was not happy and became increasingly interested in healthcare, especially later life care. I eventually trained as a nurse at Nursing School and graduated in 2012 with straight A’s! I was honored by the State of Bavaria for having the best grades in all semesters. While working as a Registered Nurse, I went to advanced Nursing School to specialise in geriatric psychiatry, palliative care and advanced pain relief.


Tell us more about your current job as a Nurse

I work as Head Nurse in a nursing home in Pfaffenhofen. 27 miles away from where I live. Most of the time I work morning shifts. That means, I get up at 4 a.m in the morning to be at work at 5:30 a.m. Work starts at 6:00 a.m. I have 31 patients in my ward and am very proud of my 11 nurse team, an incredible team of dedicated and loyal nurses, all loving their job, having fun working together. 

We help with washing, bathing, feeding, taking care of wounds, giving out medications, injections, listening and talking to the patients. We’re like a family to them, which is an important part of the care as the nursing home is their home. 


What makes you happy about your job?

Making the patients and their families happy; gaining their trust and putting smiles on their faces. I work with a great team and have an awesome boss who respects our work.


Can you share with us some of your memories of GIS? 

A teacher by the name Ms Devi, she was the most kind and beautiful teacher. I remember her colorful saris and matching bangles and earrings. I also remember the Easter bonnet parade and the sport events and of course having lots of friends from all over the world.


What inspires you in life?

Being there for the patients and their families, along with my team. I love to care, to love, to share.


Your advice to our current students who would like to take the same path as yourself?

Believe in your dreams, your destination, your desires. If you work hard for it, you will reach your goals, even if it takes time and/or you take a different path first and have to make a u-turn to get back on the right path.


The GIS Alumni Office would like to thank Carin Silvia Wirth for sharing her life after GIS’ memories with us, and we wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.