Alumna Kasumi graduated with First Class Honours and received an Academic Merit Prize!

This week, we are shining a spotlight on Kasumi Higewake (Class of 2015) who has just graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia with a Bachelor of Social Work. Congratulations to Kasumi as she graduated with First Class Honours and received an Academic Merit Prize! 

Kasumi will be joining the Ministry of Health in Australia as a Social Worker to support and advocate for clients battling all forms of discrimination.


How do you think GIS prepared you for your university studies? 

GIS and it’s progressive take on education give us an enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and social consciousness. These skills have been vital in achieving respectful conversations and understanding multiple world views. 


Would you like to thank anyone – your family or teachers and/or friends?

Of course, I’m grateful for all my friends and teachers from GIS! I’d like to specifically thank Ms Adlam and Mr Kendrick for introducing CCAs around social justice and humanitarian action. This sparked new interests, opportunities in my degree and landing a career in the social work profession.


Since my engagement with those CCAs, every teacher in GIS has supported, encouraged and believed in me and my ideas which I am forever grateful for. 


Your favourite quote?

“Stay passionate, be humble and the rest will follow.”