Alumna Amanda Tan Graduated with 1st Class Honours in BSc Medical Biosciences!

This week, we are shining the spotlight on Alumna Amanda Shuxiang Tan (Class 2017), who has just graduated from Imperial College, London with a First Class Honours in BSc Medical Biosciences. 

Amanda is looking forward to starting her MA in October at the University of Oxford, where she will focus on Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience.


Amanda, how do you think GIS prepared you for university? 

Without doubt, the broad range of extracurricular activities on offer at GIS helped to shape me into a well-rounded individual. Heavily involved in multiple community service projects, Dragons sports teams and IA, I was given many opportunities to expand and develop key skills such as leadership, teamwork and confidence during my time at GIS. These have played an integral part in my university life, as they have allowed me to branch out and adopt committee roles in a wide range of societies and interests such as football and dance, and even a fashion show! All of these experiences complimented my academic work.


Does anyone in particular stand out from your time at GIS?

I would like to thank Dr Browning, Ms Mangin and Ms Petch for inspiring and guiding me through my A-levels and university applications, and for believing in me when I didn’t! Of course, I am also so grateful for the unwavering support of my friends and family too.


What advice do you have for our current students, especially those who may choose a similar path to the one you have taken?

Make the most of your few years at university; they are truly the best years of your life! There are so many paths you can go down within the field of Biomedical Science; find your passion and work hard! 


And finally, any parting words for us?

“Do what you love, the money will come later.” 


Thank you Amanda, for taking the time to share your experiences and words of wisdom with us. We are very proud of your recent achievements, and wish you all the best for your Masters at Oxford!

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