Ms. Satkuna Devi (Current Non-Teaching Staff)

Ms. Satkuna Devi


For this issue’s Featured Alumni, we took a trip down memory lane with one of our long serving staff members, Ms. Satkuna Devi, or simply Ms. Devi from the Fees Collection Office.

She came on board in 1979 when many fondly knew the school as Garden School. Ms. Devi joined us when the School was located on Jalan Pekeliling (known as Jalan Tun Razak today).

Since then, she has with the school twice from Jalan Pekeliling where she initially worked for 3 years, to the Cheras campus for 14 years, and finally to the current campus in Bukit Kiara.

On a bright sunny Monday morning , we decided to take a walk down memory lane to visit these campuses. First stop was the Cheras campus. This was where she had some of her best memories in GIS. We found that a private school has moved in to the premise and named it Sekolah Sri Sempurna.



Then Now

Then                                                                          Now


Ms. Devi was very excited when we arrived and as we walked in, her eyes lit up and one could practically see all the memories flashing by on her face. We walked around the school while she recounted her stories about playing badminton after work in the hall right across the office, how she participated in the staff games and activities and all eyes were on her to ensure that she put in the right score, and where the staff and teachers would group together and travel down the hill to get their lunches from the eateries (the premise is on a hill).


Next, we went to the Jalan Pekeliling campus. The bungalow that was once GIS now houses one of the world’s largest chain of North Indian restaurants – Bombay Palace Restaurant.



GIS Jalan Pekeliling

Left of Building                       Centre of Building                      Right of Building



As evidenced by the photos taken, most of the structure of the bungalow remains today, with extensions for storage at the back of the building.


Ms. Devi remembered how the dispatch staff was responsible for distributing flavoured bottled milk to students before break time everyday. Mr. Rajoo (the dispatch staff) must have been fit as a fiddle for he had to run up and down the spiral staircase at the side of the building to deliver the bottles to different floors.


Were you ever at this campus? Do you recall buckets that peppered all over the floors of the library and the classrooms on Level 1? I was told they were to contain water from leaking roofs during the rainy season! Ms. Devi described how the School had to have buckets on standby, for the moment it pours, everyone will be running about placing buckets on specific spots. Must have been a hilarious sight!


Ms. Devi is truly passionate about her job. She’s been with GIS for over 3 decades and yet she still gains the satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment from her job. It was wonderful to hear the pride in her voice, and despite being past retirement age, she is still going strong!


When asked what is the secret to staying passionate about her job, she said it was determination. As cliché as it sounds, if you have the determination, you will be able to reach whatever goals you have set out for yourself. One will always learn something new everyday, and with that, comes improvement. This is where life-long learning comes into play. Very well said indeed, Ms. Devi. You are truly inspiring!


When asked what the happiest moment at work was, Ms. Devi concluded that having wonderful colleagues kept her happy and motivated!


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