Ms. Monica Chong (Current Non-Teaching Staff)

Monica Chong


As you are aware, GIS was established more than 60 years ago and what better way to understand how GIS has transformed over the past 60 years by talking to someone who has witnessed the changes. We are proud to present our longest serving colleague, Ms. Monica Chong who has been with GIS since the 1970s! Monica was very kind to spare us some time out of her busy schedule for an interview :


1) What is your most memorable experience in GIS?

Receiving feedback from parents that their children are very happy to study in GIS


2) You’ve witnessed how GIS has transformed over the years. What are the best features / improvements you’ve seen?

The integration of the different departments and how they work together to create the synergy. That makes GIS a very happy working place.


3) What do you think about the renovated facilities that have taken place over the years?

Only 1 word to describe it – Great!


4) What inspires you to come to work daily, even after so many years?

I am very blessed with fabulous colleagues who create a great and warm working environment. With that, I am very happy and passionate about my work.


5) What is your belief when it comes to work?

I operate on a no-waiting policy – everything is important. If it isn’t important, students and colleagues would not come to me for help. When they do, it means it is important. So I will act on it immediately.Also, it takes some compromising on all parties when it comes to creating a happy working environment for everyone.Last but not least, everyone learns from their mistakes.

6) Would you have made the same choice if you are given another chance?



7) What’s your say on life-long learning?

It is very important and I agree with the School’s aim to educate students as adaptable lifelong learners


8) What advice would you give to the students in GIS?

Obey and respect your parents, study hard and make them proud.