Mr. Brian Tan (Class of 2007)

Brian Tan Head Prefect in 2004/2005, Year 11


1. Profile

I completed an undergraduate in Biochemistry from the University Of Bath which included a year researching rare diseases in Oxford University. I was offered to do my PHD with Oxford after I graduated however, I felt that getting a PHD wasn’t the path for me so I did a Masters in Management from Imperial Business School, London.

After my masters, I joined Accenture, a management consulting firm as a digital strategy analyst where I worked on a number of strategy projects for large Malaysian companies and later moved on to a boutique strategy consulting company called Ethos & Co where I worked on merger and acquisition projects

Now, I run a tech startup called that connects university students & ambitious young professionals to working professionals (mentors) that provides informal career advice to help them make informed decisions and also help them take their careers to the next level.


2. General

What comes to your mind when you hear GIS?
I think of all the amazing friendships that I have made and kept till this day

Share your best memory while you were in GIS?

Mmmm I have loads of awesome memories in GIS but I think setting up the first GIS battle of the bands and organizing lunch time dodgeball competitions to raise funds for Mufti-day was pretty fun

If you were a student again, what is the one change that you would make?

I think I would have taken a wider range of subjects during my IGCSE`s just to try it out

How did GIS prepare you or help you for University and your career or even in life?

I think studying in an international school does help you prepare to a certain extend for university. if you`re planning to study overseas, you would adapt better to your new environment having been exposed to multiple nationalities at a younger age

What was your favorite subject in GIS? What did you study in GIS?

I really love science, so chemistry and biology were really fun

Who were the teachers that made an impression on you and why?

I think every teacher I had at GIS made an impression on me, most of my teachers were really awesome people and they inspired me to do my best – If I had to pick a top 3 it would be Mr Donaldson, Mr Reeves and Ms Woo


3. Career

What inspired you to start/create FutureLab? How did it start? Tell us the story.

When we first got back from studying overseas, me and my co-founders realized that there was a huge gap between what we studied at university and what was expected of us in the work place. We started looking into this gap between education and the work force and realized that there were common problems faced by fresh graduates such as increasing competition for jobs, lack of industry knowledge and some fresh graduates just did not know what they wanted to do after their degree. So, as a team we felt that students and job seekers just needed to speak to someone working in a company or industry that they are interested in and get informal career advice since there`s no one better to speak to than someone who has been there and done that. Our goal at is to link students to any company or industry around the World and we encourage our users to take charge of their careers and help create their own future. So that`s our story.

Best Part of the job? Happiest moment?

The best part of running FutureLab is working with friends and having an awesome team to help make the World a little bit better. It is amazing when our users tell us that they find the FutureLab platform useful and that they were able to secure a job after getting some help from our mentors. Its super rewarding.

Worst Part of the job?

Mmmm running a startup is like jumping off a cliff and building a plane before you hit the ground haha there`s endless things to do in such a short period of time – I wish I could clone myself and my clone could clone himself haha


4. Future

Describe your dream life.
This can be anything! It can be selling banana pancakes in Ibiza! 🙂

If FutureLab does well, I would love to become a teacher and share my experience with students and help them grow as a person. I had great teachers growing up and they influenced my life tremendously, I would to have the opportunity to do the same. Also, being a high school football coach in my kids school would be pretty fun

What is your ultimate goal in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to add value to this World and leave the World in a better state then when I entered it.

What’s your say on being an effective global citizen?

Be accepting to everyone and don`t judge people based on their race, language, religion and culture. The World is an amazing place because of our diversity.

What advise would you give to current GIS students?

My advice to GIS students is to be humble. We tend to come from very privileged backgrounds and tend to forget that we live in a bubble. Humility will take you a long way in this World – in your career and personal life.