Alumna Lorraine Hahn (Class of 1979)!

Alumna Lorraine Hahn (Class of 1979)

Current profession: Former CNN and CNBC Anchor / Freelance Media Consultant

University attended: Business & English Literature from The University of British Columbia

Country of residence: Hong Kong


Lorraine Hahn most recently presented CNN International’s regional chat show, Talk Asia,  and is the Anchor of CNN’s long-running TV program, Biz Asia. She is one of the most prominent journalists today, with a strong understanding of Asian economic and political issues. Prior to joining CNN, Lorraine worked as Anchor/Editor for CNBC, hosting its flagship programs, NBC Asia’s Nightly News, Business Tonight and The Winners.

As an experienced moderator, Lorraine has interviewed business leaders, Heads of State and other famous personalities. In December 1999, she was named “Highly Commended News Presenter/Anchor” at the Asian TV Awards. After she left CNN, Lorraine worked on producing her own television show, Earth Factor Asia, a solutions-based environment show focusing on Asia for the PBS network in the United States.

Lorraine also hosted a 26 episode golf program called ‘Executive Golf’ for the Indonesia channel, where she interviewed top business leaders and politicians on various golf courses in Indonesia. She has been called upon to be Master of Ceremony and Chairperson of various major events, including the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, APEC CEO Meeting, The Global Leadership Forum, the ADB Journalism Award, The Asian Financial Forum , TED x Talks and many others.

Lorraine has also been a media trainer for banks and multinationals including Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Accenture, and Flextronics. She has also been a guest speaker at various conferences and summits on issues relating to the media and broadcast journalism. 

Lorraine attended the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and has lectured at the Hong Kong and Tsing Wah Universities on Journalism and media.


Lorraine, please tell us about your latest work! 

At the moment, I train CEOs and executives on how to handle the media as well as moderate high profile events, such as the YPO global summit which is happening in San Diego next month. In my spare time, I try and lower my golf handicap!


What inspires you in life?

So much inspires me about life, and the reasons increase with the years. Throughout my career, I  have always tried to pass along my experience and what I have learnt to the younger generation, for I will pass the baton onto the next generation. So, nurturing younger people is important to me. I taught at HK university and Tsing Wah university for a semester, and have also trained anchors/ reporters at bloomberg TV in the past. Finally, I have given speeches about my life in the hope that newcomers will learn and take tips on how to ascend in this highly competitive TV news industry. 


Describe GIS in three words…

Memorable, outstanding and fun! 


Can you share with us some of your memories of GIS? 

So many fond memories and glorious day! Eating fried donuts outside the school gate. Being a sports captain of the school & having all kinds of wonderful sporting activities in the  small garden. Hoping not to be called into headmistress Mrs. Arshads office my misdemeanours! Possibly the highlight of my schooling career was getting my classmates off chemistry class by setting off a stink bomb!


How did GIS shape who you are today?

GIS gave me the basic, solid and all-round  fundamentals I needed in order to grow. It also prepared me, by using those fundamentals, to get into the University of British  Columbia in Vancouver Canada when I was just 15 (ie. after my O Levels). My grades were good enough for them to allow me to jump from O Levels to first year university! Although I must say in hindsight that I would not recommend this – as it was very demanding, and I had to spend two summer semesters to catch up on Math 100.

Overall, GIS was just a wonderful place to learn and I believe I excelled in school largely because I enjoyed going to school every day. I made lifelong friends, many of whom I am still in touch with today. I am so grateful to my teachers – they made any subject so interesting, even Math! I miss it so much and wish I could go back again. 


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t talk so much during class!


What is your view on life-long learning?

One has got to want to develop and learn every day. To me, learning never stops.  In fact, I am happy that almost every day I learn something new – whether it is how to reply to a specific text on Whatsapp (honestly, I learnt that this week!) or a food recipe, or how to boost your Immune system. Whatever  it is, be open and listen: listen to hear not to respond, 


The GIS Alumni Office would like to thank Lorraine Hahn for sharing her life after GIS’ memories with us, and we wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.