GIS Careers’ Day- 2020!

Four of our Alumni recently shared their experiences of working life, career tips and general life lessons for our current students. Here we hear a little more of the pearls of wisdom offered on our annual Careers Day 2020. 


Keynote: Alumna Yvonne Natalie Kniese, Class of 2000 

Public Speaking & Communication Coaching at NK Communications PLT

“It was a pleasure to speak about careers and life choices with the Sixth Formers at GIS earlier this month. I remember this moment (from 20 years ago) very clearly. The uncertainty, the excitement, the nerves of having to choose a career or a field of education that might determine how you lead the rest of your life- stressful!

I spoke briefly about life experiences as well as the choices I made and how they helped me to grow to become the person I am today. The one key piece of advice I shared was to find ways to make genuine connections with others through the power of effective communication, which is something I truly believe in. I hope they enjoyed the advice and will learn to incorporate the 7 pillars of connecting (with absolutely anyone!) into their daily lives. Here’s wishing all Sixth Formers leaving GIS the very best in their future endeavours!”


Alumni Cho-Nan Tsai Michael, Class of 1995

Cho-Nan is working at Chief Technology Officer at Camino Financial

Michael shared some awesome videos: ‘Master Class – Building a career in software’

“I sometimes wish I had a time machine so that I can go back in time to visit the younger version of me. If it were possible, these are the things I would say:

First, have an open mind. There are so many possibilities and so many wonderful things ahead of me. Don’t get caught up in the tiniest things. Always take a step back to look at the whole picture. Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Secondly, I would like to tell myself to always stay curious. If there is something that interests me, pursue relentlessly and don’t give up. Finally, I would also tell myself to always be giving back to my community. Pay attention to those in need and reach out when possible. Being selfless is what humanity is all about. Only by working as a team, we can rise together!”


Alumni Rohan Gwynn, Class of 2015

Pursuing BSc in Paramedic Science at University of East Anglia

Rohan shared his experience of a Paramedic Science Course and his own journey as a Paramedic at the European Voluntary Service

“I was recently asked to do a video about my journey to become a paramedic as part of Sareer’s Day at GIS. Paramedics are often the first point of contact for people who need help, whether it would be a medical emergency or a psychosocial issue such as a mental health crisis. The role of a paramedic is incredibly diverse and no two shifts are the same. Some situations can be challenging, stressful and, at times, high risk. However, having the privilege of helping people in need brings immense satisfaction. The course covers a huge range of emergency medicine elements as well as pharmacology, psychosocial complexities around vulnerable patients, and relevant laws regarding medications and treatment of patients. 

Placements in the ambulances are by far the best part of the course as you are able to contribute directly towards the health and wellbeing of patients. A moment I will never forget was when I had to hold a 10 month old baby’s jaw open to allow him to breath whilst he was having prolonged seizures. Knowing that I played a part in helping a sick baby gave me a huge sense of pride and cemented my reasons as to why I chose this career path.  If you are considering medicine, nursing or another healthcare science in the UK, then I strongly recommend having a look at the paramedic science courses available as well. If you enjoy being in different environments and solving problems on the spot then this career may be one for you.”


Alumni Emre Senyuva, Class of 2002

Senior Consultant at Hays 

Emre was conducting online workshop on Resume and Personal Branding 

“It was great to speak to the future leaders of tomorrow via the Careers Day initiative that GIS had organised. I conducted a Personal Branding and Resume workshop which was attended by Year 12 students before they embark on their Work Experience week. 

I must say it was a pleasure to be in the Grand Hall again, despite it being through a computer camera! Many students reached out to me afterwards and shared with me their CVs; I was very impressed with what they had written!

I look forward to hearing more good news from these future leaders. Thanks GIS for giving me this opportunity.”


A huge ‘Thank You’ to these inspiring Alumni who met, mentored and coached our students virtually despite their busy daily schedules. If you are interested in sharing your journey post GIS, and offering pearls of wisdom to our current students at future Careers events, then please get in touch with us at

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