GIS Class of 1982 Alumni Reunion

Recently, Alumni from the Class of 1982 returned to GIS after 37 years!

They had a wonderful time meeting Mr Mark Ford (GIS Principal) Mr Matthew Corbett (Head of Secondary) and teacher Mrs Lim, reminiscing together and sharing emotional stories about ‘Life After GIS’.

As part of their visit, our Alumni hosted a dialogue session with current Year 12 and Year 13 students. The session allowed our students to learn more about a wide range of professions – including Aircraft Engineering, Banking, English Teaching, Accountancy and even Sculpting – and begin networking with our Alumni. The feedback from students about the session was overwhelmingly positive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those Alumni who attended: Monika Popiolek, Satoko Kobayashi, Jon Tay, Karen Gram, Jane Gillings, Kazi Farhana Zabin, Deborah Sharum and Yun Suk Lim. We are deeply grateful for their time and effort which helped make this reunion such a successful and productive one.