GIS Alumni 2019 Gathering in Brisbane!

We would like the lovely bunch of Alumni who joined us for a great Alumni Gathering in Brisbane recently! Joined by Ms Anneleen Erlingen, The Head of Marketing and Communication at GIS, our Australian-based Alumni had the opportunity to catch up and reminisce about their experiences at GIS – as well as share the exciting personal and professional paths they have followed since graduating!


Luo Sen LIM, Class of 2004

Alia Shahira JAFRI, Class of 2016

Frederick GORDON, Class of 2013

Fraser Fitzgerald BARTON, Class of 2013

Sean Robert MUIRHEAD, Class of 2015

Sam Hagan BARTON, Class of 2010

Jonathan CHEW, Class of 1999

Christine CHEW, Class of 1998


If you are one of our GIS Alumni, please stay in touch. And keep a look out for our upcoming Alumni events…there might be one near you coming up soon!