Class of 1984 Alumni Reunion!

Recently we welcomed back the Class of 1984! It was the first time most of the group had returned back to GIS since graduating, believe it or not! It was lovely to learn that, during that time, a number of the group have sent (or currently have) their own children at GIS. 

The group was welcomed by our Principal, Robert Stitch, who brought the room up to speed on the latest school news and developments. The group then enjoyed lunch in the Sally Watkins room, followed by a tour around school. 

The highlight of the day was the alumni creating a special forum for our Sixth Form students to come and ask questions about their career journey’s following GIS. With the group including an artist, lawyer, architect, engineer, accountant, statistician and a diplomat, there were valuable conversations for all who attended.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those Alumni who attended: Mr Taranjeet Singh, Datuk NK Tong, Mr Cheah Toong Choy, Datuk Mohamed Shihab, Tuanku Tommy (Taufek) Mansur, Mr Koh Peng Guan, Tulin Satgekldy, Aylin Satgeldy Yay, Selina Lim, Jean Yuen . We are deeply grateful for their time and effort which helped make this reunion such a successful and productive one.

Please click this link to view the photos.