Alumni Participate in GIS Virtual Music 2021!

Our GIS Arts Strand Leaders recently launched an initiative called ‘Virtual Music 2021’, to encourage students to work together to create a video of themselves playing music. The result? Both GIS students and alumni performing some incredible pieces! Check out the playlist here; sit back and enjoy some of their wonderful performances.


Christopher Koelma, Head of Music at GIS

“The music department was excited to support our wonderful Arts Strand student leaders with this initiative. They spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming how to most effectively engage their peers and GIS Alumni to get involved. With the direction of our Arts Strand leaders, Gavin Gan and Beatrice Khor, the team put together an example video, mixed and edited by Ray Gene Forbes (with Ryan Ng, Kaelyn Lee, Gavin and Ray Gene performing in the group). This was then shared with the wider community as a way of encouraging others to get involved. It’s truly a pleasure to support student initiatives like this and we are proud of the work of our amazing musicians at GIS!”


Alumna Jia-En Ho, Class of 2000

“Participating in the GIS Virtual Music 2021 event was a great opportunity. It allowed me to get back in touch with my musicality and reconnect with a friend of mine, Zhen Ning. I really appreciate the Arts strand inviting me to take part in this show; being able to give back to the school community in this way means a lot to me. I hope to be able to take part in similar events in the future!”


Alumni Zhen Ning Lim, Class of 2020

“As an Alumnus, I was glad to be able to help out for the GIS virtual music 2021. I enjoyed recording and editing the music used in the virtual performance as it was good fun working with a GIS friend again, all while making use of my skills I picked up from studying in GIS and after graduating. I hope to take part in future events alike! Thank you very much for this opportunity.”


Alumna Ema Katakura, Class of 2021

“‘Misty’ is a piece that I play a lot and had the opportunity to perform in a jazz bar in Ho Chi Minh City! I started playing the saxophone in GIS which was one of the biggest reasons why I love music and is a huge part of my identity. Hope you enjoyed the performance.”


A huge ‘Thank You’ to GIS’s Head of Music Mr Christopher Koelma, our Arts Strand students and our inspiring Alumni, who generously shared their time and experiences to put together these wonderful online musical events. 

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