Alumna Lisa Wong’s Art Workshop

Lisa Wong Sook Kuan (Class of 2011)
Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from California College of the Arts in San Francisco
Full Time Visual Artist


Recently we had the privilege of being in touch with one of our Alumni who’s always had a passion for Art. Alumna Lisa Wong Sook Kuan is a Malaysian young artist who recently did her very first solo exhibition entitled “Tenacious”, hosted by ‘The Art People Gallery’. This exhibition features 2 vastly different series of work, Nothing Lasts Forever and Wild, which act as viewfinders into the artistic journey Lisa has taken part in. The exhibition was covered by national English and Chinese press in great detail.

Lisa came back to GIS after many years to share her experience and knowledge with our students. She spent some time with the year 9 students who were studying Utopias for Art Class. It was a great session where Lisa shared some useful art techniques, art history and also colour theory. Along with a simple painting demonstration, she brought some of her original paintings as a way to show the students how achievable creating a final polished artwork can be. Our students were thrilled to be part of the workshop as they got to meet a full-time artist, who also happened to once walk the corridors as a student. It was a fruitful period for the class as students were glad to participate fully in a Q&A session.


A few words from Lisa….
‘My time in GIS was incredibly memorable as it was the place where I truly learned how to paint. Much of my time as a student was spent working in the art department with paint covered hands(and uniform). What I love about the art department in GIS is that not only are you pushed to experiment with media, but you are taught to think conceptually about creating a piece. I would like to thank the lovely teachers of the art department for having me back at the school. I think the art department here at GIS is a standout amongst many.’

We would like to thank Lisa Wong for taking time from her busy schedule to come back and be with our students. Her journey as an Artist still continues at GIS and after the workshop, she has definitely gained more fans of her art.

You too can come back and share your story of life after GIS and meet-up with students and teachers. If you wish to do so please contact


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